Hogir Göregen is a Berlin based percussion player. He was born in 1986 in Bitlis/Tatvan to a family of 7 children. In 1990, he has moved to Istanbul where he started his musical interest with age of 9 by actively attending to the Children Choir organized by Mesopotamien Culture Center. Soon after, he excelled with his interest and success in percussion instruments and started learning traditional drums like davul, darbuka and erbane (daf).

After years of training with multiple virtuosos, Istanbul, being one of the melting pots of diverse cultures, influenced him to mingle with other percussion instruments from distinct cultures. Under this influence, he realized his first internatioal visit in India in 2006 where he took Tabla lessons from Pandit Charanjit Chatur Lal. After his spectacular experiences, he decided to make two more visits to India in years 2011 and 2013. With his increasing interest in universal music, he executed many concert trips to Europe and in 2013 he has moved to Berlin.

Currently, he plays with Heval Trio and around the globe with several well known musicians & bands. Next to his traditional Middle Eastern instruments like daf, frame drum, riq, darbuka, daholla, davul and tombak, he plays tabla and drums in various projects.